Recently Concluded PCEA-KSA 1st Annual Convention


Benefits during PCEA-KSA Annual Convention

1. This event will give us opportunity to enhance our professional career through our Technical Presenters.
2. You will be entitled to get a PCEA-KSA Certificate of Attendance/Participation signed by the Saudi Council of Engineers.
3. You will be entitled to get an AER/ACPER Writeshop Certificate as a requirement for AER/ACPER application.
4. You will be entitled also to get a PMP Certificate
5. Avail our FREE PCEA-KSA PINS for all attendees.
6. Chance to win our Raffle Draws
7. Be relax in First Class service hotel with jam packed hall, unlimited buffet lunch and snacks while sharing ideas with other brothers in profession and have camaraderie to our PCEA-KSA Leaders, Mentors and Advisers.

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